AnimalWise Academy

Welcome to the AnimalWise Academy! You have come to the right place if you want to learn how to work with the wisdom of your animals and nature, discover your inner healer, learn how to communicate with animals or how to use Bach Flower remedies for animals!


The AnimalWise Academy courses can be followed at your own pace. You get lifelong access to the course material, and I (Ellen) will be there for you to give you feedback, guidance and coaching, so you really get everything you can out of my courses. My main goal with every course is to guide you towards your own, unique way of working! 


At this moment, you can enroll for the online course AnimalWise Healing (enrollment is open until August 8th). After finishing this course, there will be the option for follow-up courses AnimalWise Healing and/or AnimalWise Communication later this year.



Next year at the latest, I will also start an online course Bach Flower remedies for Animals. 



You also have the possibility to book online private lessons with me, which can be given through Google Meet or Teleport. Included in these private sessions is the possibility to contact me via chat for feedback or to ask questions, to a max. of 20 chat minutes per lesson.