Online course AnimalWise Healing

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This course is for you, if you want to deepen your love for animals, by learning to give them a healing. Also if you want to get to know your spirit animals and team of healing guides and when you understand that personal development and self care / self love are crucial to becoming a great healer!


This course is also the prerequisite for if you want to enroll in the online course AnimalWise Communication and become an Animal Communicator. This course will be starting later this year!


The online course AnimalWise Healing consists of lessons which use a combination of video lessons, guided meditations, text and pdf files. You also can become a member of the private Facebook group that is there especially for everybody that enrolled in this course. There you will meet like minded people, you can share your experiences and questions, and I will let you know when the live lessons are, which are an extra bonus on top of the prerecorded lessons in the course platform and are held monthly. The theme and exercises during these live lessons are tailored to what you and the group need at that moment in time.


During this course, you will be challenged to push your boundaries and to find your unique way of giving healing. Of course I will provide the framework to help you and guide you through this process! I will be there every step of the way to give you feedback on your homework, to coach you outside of your comfort zone and help you discover the wonderful healer that presides inside of you!


I also find it important that you get feedback on how your healing sessions went, if you get to the part of the course where you get healing assignments. In order to provide you with the best feedback and tips possible, I ask you to upload a picture of the animal you gave the healing to. I will contact that animal and ask for his/her feedback, and add mine as well, based on what I sense from tuning in to your healing session. That is the added bonus of having an animal communicator for a teacher!

The course starts out with building your foundation: learning how to ground yourself and how to be aware of yourself and your body. To help you do that, I include a few self help TTouches, that come from the Tellington TTouch® method, that will help you get into the right state of mind for the next step: learning how to make contact with your spirit animals and healing guides, and how they are a crucial part in helping you send the healing.


The healing that I will teach you, is a form of spiritual healing, where you are the channel that the healing flows through, but where the healing is guided by your spirit animals and guides! Before you start giving a healing session to your animal, you learn how to give yourself a self healing. You are going to work with different methods of giving a healing, so you can experience which way works best for you: sending healing from a distance / without touching or using your hands, or a hands on approach, where you let the healing flow through your hands.    

I am there every step of the way to help you, to give you feedback on your homework and to help you where ever necessary!


This course is designed to deliver AnimalWise Healers, who are well versed in all five of the steps of my AnimalWise Healing method and therefore have confidence in their healing abilities. Included in the course:


  • Live long access to the lessons: you always keep access to the last updated version of the course, as long as the course exists.

  • Lessons that are made up of text, pdf, video and audio file, including guided meditations that I have recorded for you and to be followed in your own time and tempo.

  • Besides the lessons on the course platform, you get access to a private Facebook group for students only, where you can share your experiences, ask questions, find like minded people

  • Monthly live sessions for the group, via zoom or google meet or Facebook live, including special sessions for those who are further along in / finished with the course

  • And last but not least, my feedback, help and coaching whenever you need it! Including communicating with your animals after you gave them a healing, so I can give you their feedback, as well as mine on how you did!

You can follow this course at your own pace, I recommend you take at least 2 to 3 months to make sure you start out building a firm foundation! The price for this course will be €295, but for you as my founding student get 20% off! Which means you only have to pay €236 for all of the above! If you would like to pay in monthly installments, you can contact me and we will discuss the possibilities.


This course is definitely also for you if you want your next step to be learning how to communicate with animals yourself, since this course is a prerequisite for the follow-on course AnimalWise Communication, that I will be starting later on this year! If you feel like ‘yay! this is SO for me’, than go for it and enroll NOW! I cannot wait to help you dive into ‘my’ AnimalWise world and help you discover how easy it can be, if you take the time to find your own, unique way of sending healing and make contact with you spirit animals! And that goes equally for people who have experience and those that are totally new.


How do I know that?


Simple, because I’ve helped dozens of people discover their own unique way of sending healing, in the same steps you will learn during this course! Now a little over 2 years ago, I did a vision quest and it was a profound and wonderful experience. The white horse, that had been with me for a little while at that time (he liked making me feel like he shoved his nose in between my shoulder blades, to push me along) came to me and gave me the following message:


“I’ve looked for you, I’ve waited for you, and there you are! That is why I can be a tad impatient and give you those nudges in your back! Together we are going to create such a wonderful thing! You can trust in that, so that we can do our work together. Experience how strong the healing can flow, if you find the courage to trust in your connection with nature, your spirit animals and all the other help that is out there for you! We are helping you to find your own unique way of working, and more importantly, we are here to help you help others do the same thing!”


From that moment forward, I’ve put aside my ‘imposter syndrome’ and started getting to work, and my very first online course AnimalWise Healing was a fact.


The first few years in Dutch only, but as my horse was very clear about taking this globally, now I finally took the plunge and here it is, the first time my English online course AnimalWise healing has opened up for enrollment!


So you understand why I chose a picture of a white horse as the pic for this course! Know that if you want to dive into working with your spirit animals to learn how to send healing to your animals and loved ones, you not only get my help, but also the help and guidance of my white horse!


If you like to get a taste of my guided meditations (which will be a big part of the course) and want to meet my white horse at the same time, you can listen to this guided meditation I’ve recorded for you: selfhealing with the help of my white horse


The journey with my white horse has been great so far, and we are very ready for our new adventure! If you are still on the fence about joining me as a founding student, I have translated some of the experiences of the Dutch people that have enrolled in my AnimalWise Healing courses over the last years, you can read them below. And, if you have any doubts or questions left, feel free to ask them at any time, you can contact me via email or Facebook Messenger and I will get back to you asap!



"I finished the online course AnimalWise healing with Ellen. She is very involved and enables you and your animal to make progress.


She is always ready to answer your questions and helps you to step into your power, in your own way. And the best part is that she communicates with the animal that you are giving healing to. You get feedback from your own animal this way


I hope to keep learning from Ellen."




"Ellen has a very soft and warm personality, and she is VERY patient. You don’t have to be afraid for any kind of judgement. I learned about TTouch, the Heart Hug, how to visualise and how to give a healing to your animal. I can recommend everybody to follow one of Ellen’s courses!”



"Great course, where you learn the basics of healing. Ellen records her guided meditations in a comfortable way, with a pleasant, calm voice that helps you go into the meditation with ease. This course leaves me wanting more, luckily there are follow-up courses you can choose from!



“I really enjoyed following this course. I got loads of new insights.


Ellen is a fine woman, who knows what she is talking about. She takes you by the hand and sometimes lets you go to stand on you own two feet, so you learn to evaluate what works best for you’”



“I enjoyed finishing the online course AnimalWise Healing. At a first glance you’d think it is difficult to follow a course like this online. But thanks to the clear explanation and good guidance by Ellen, it was excellent!  Lots of live lessons, the option to always ask questions and the support of you fellow students. I can recommend this course to anybody who wants to know more about healing! 

The doors for enrollment are closed for now. If you want to be put on the waiting list, send an email to

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  2. You get access to the course-flow platform and the Facebookgroup, belonging to this course, for as long as my courses are hosted on there. Should I ever switch platforms, I will let you know, so you can move along with me. This way, you always have access to the last updated version of the online course AnimalWise Healing.  

  3. You will be added to my mailing list for the course, through which I will ask for your donation and give you relevant updates and remind you of life events that will be taken place. These things will also be shared in the Facebook group, so feel free to unsubscribe if you don't like mail. 

  4. I ask you kindly, being one of  my founding students, to give constructive feedback on the course and I would love go get your testiomonial after you've finished the course.